1. I Would Not Have You Ignorant.                   Click here to view the
  2. Twentieth-century Haman.                              Israeli Development 
  3. Flee From the Land of the North.                            Centre
  4. The Time of Jacob’s Trouble.
  5. Nothing Like It.                                       
  6. Where Was God?                                            Click here for Reviews
  7. The Desert of the Nations
  8. Alas! I Am Fainting.                                         
  9. The Death Cry of thousands                           Click here to view our
  10. The Fierce Anger of the Lord.                        Holocaust Memorial
  11. The Lord of Armies.                                             on You Tube
  12. From Death Pains to Birth Pains.
  13. The Resurrection of Israel.
  14. The Age of Redemption and the Coming of Messiah.
  15. Never Again.
  16. Israel, Come Home! 
The book is about the modern journey of the Jewish people, and their plight during the Nazi Holocaust of Hitler’s Europe.
The book covers the period from the end of the nineteenth century right through to the present day, but particularly focuses on the turbulent years of the Second World War.                                                                                                                                                        
The reader is given a good grounding of the events that led up to the Holocaust, as well as the Holocaust itself and the events that followed it. Sound facts and figures, as well as personal testimonies, all give the book muscle, adding strength and weight to the subject matter. The spine that holds everything together is the prophetic Scripture of the Bible. Many people will pick up the book green in their knowledge of Israel and the Jewish people, but they will put the book down with a solid foundation of knowledge from which they will want to read more >>Continue reading about the Contents >>